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What's a Studio License?

What's a Studio License?

A Studio License is a grant for unlimited use within a single teacher’s music studio. That includes both printing hard copies for studio use, as well as distributing the digital files directly to students. The license never expires, so you can continue using the material for all your future students.

Why do I offer Studio Licenses?

Mainly because they are sensible and cost-effective for teachers. Selling single-use licenses these days would be naïve for me and annoying for users. I can only offer studio licenses for music that I publish directly as the traditional publishers’ business models are tied to selling printed music. I put a lot of work into my music - composing, editing, engraving, testing in my own studio, re-editing, re-engraving and production. I want to make sure that as many people as possible can enjoy it. I have some products that are available as both hard copies and downloadable Studio Licenses. Sometimes it’s still nice to have a high quality book!

Why do I publish directly?

Much of my work has been published in print by Kjos, but recently I’ve been exploring the self-publishing model. The obvious benefits are that I have complete control over the product and get to keep all the sales instead of a small percentage but the downside is that my ability to get my music in front of teachers is much more limited. Another benefit is the ability to create and distribute materials quickly. The lead time involved in major publication is extensive. Self-publishing allows me to create, refine, test and put up materials for sale as quickly as I want.

Here are some of the latest things I've made available for sale with a Studio License.

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